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**Please note: Due to Covid-19 our 2020-2021 market dates have yet to be announced. Once registered as a  vendor you will receive updates of our 2020 market dates and instructions. You can also find updates on our social media platforms.**

Thank you for your interest in Native Art Market. To find out more information about our rules and regulations please read the information listed below. To find out specifics about dates and our special events weekends please click HEREAll participants must be of Native American descent. Please note, application requires you to upload your C.I.B. to apply. To fill out vendor form please click HERE.  To download and print a PDF version of eligibility rules and Vendor Intake Form please click HERE.

Hello Future Vendor!


Welcome to Scottsdale's Native Art Market. Much like the already successful farmers markets and art walks throughout the metropolitan area, this outdoor event is seasonal and every weekend from October through March. This event is located one mile West of Talking Stick Casino. We are open every Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm within The Pavilions at Talking Stick Shopping Center. Address: 9151 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250.

Native Art Market is hosted 24 weekends a year and features 30 Native American artists every weekend. Equaling 60 spots every weekend and 1500 opportunities for Native Artists and performers to showcase their art to the general public. Keep in mind, you are not required to showcase every weekend. Once signed up you will select what weekends you would like to participate in the market, so long as there is still availability. Our goal is create and ever changing market keeping our regular shoppers. Furthermore, Native Art Market requires you only provide authentic hand crafted and handmade Native American crafts. All imports and imitation jewelry is strictly prohibited.

Native Art Market is within the Scottsdale borders. 5 miles from Old Town Scottsdale and 20 minutes from the wealthiest zip codes in Arizona. This cultural event is aimed towards attracting tourist and out of town visitors. Arizona itself generates over 22 billion from tourism every year with over 500 million in Native Arts and Crafts.

Native Art Market strives to create a unique opportunity for Native Americans to enhance and develop their economic self-sufficiency in the Metropolitan Area. Above all, participants involved have gained economic empowerment and pride in themselves. Native Art Market in Scottsdale strives to provide a safe and affordable avenue for Native Americans to sell their handcrafted items directly to visitors and local residences. These carefully crafted items include jewelry, clothing, performances, Native cuisine, pottery, sculptures and much more. Keep in mind, jewelry spaces sell out quickly.

Native Art Market works in partnership with the The Pavilions at Talking Stick to oversee that the Market only provides high quality authentic Native American crafts. If you have questions or would like more general information please contact us using the information below:

Native Art Market at The Pavilions at Talking Stick

9175 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Phone: (707) 733-6443 


Your Friends, 

Native Art Market & The Pavilions at Talking Stick

Eligibility and Standards

  • This is educational and cultural event. All participants must be of Native American descent. A copy of Certificate of Indian Blood will be required upon submitting your application.

  • Adult applicants who want minors to exhibit must be present with the minors at the event. We are currently accepting handmade visual arts such as Photography, Digital Art, Paintings/drawings in all media types. Handmade 3D art made from fiberglass, metal, sculptures, jewelry, crafts, or wood will also be considered.

  • Native Art Market selects and approves all participating artists. Artists not approved may not participate in the Native Art Market. 

  • Artists must arrive at least one hour prior to the start of the event, be present and show their work throughout the entire event and tear down at the end of the event.

  • Early tear down is strictly prohibited. Any vendors who tears down early will be banned from future events and a no refund will be issued.

  • Native Art Market is not responsible for items left behind.

  • Leave no trace.

  • Please do not leave any unwanted items behind. We can not store your set up items.

  • Artists should clean up any trash from their area and place it in designated trash containers.

  • Be advised: Jewelry artists spaces sell out quickly.

  • Participants will be responsible for obtaining required licenses and authorization for images displayed.

  • All items sold must be native handcrafted. Imports are strictly prohibited. 



How To Apply​

  • Vendor Intake form can be accessed through the website HERE.

  • Complete the jury application then pay registration fee. All artists will need to pay a registration fee to participate in program. This is non refundable unless denied access to program. 

  • A certificate of Indian Birth is required from all participants and volunteers during sign up. 

  • During application review your C.I.B. is verified with your tribal office. Approval can takes up 3-5 business days.

  • You will be notified through email regarding the decision from the Native Art Market.

  • Once notified, a welcome email with your logins is provided to purchase days online, through our phone app or over the phone.

  • Artists will select dates on a first come first serve basis.

  • Artists not accepted into Native Art Market may not participate.

  • A vendor welcome package will be attached to your welcome emaile with detailed instructions on set up, tear down, rules and regulations.


Native Art Market is not responsible or liable for acts of God, loss, theft or damage to Artists materials during the Event. .

Exhibit Spaces

  • There are over 240 spaces available every month.

  • There will be 20-30 vendors set up daily on weekends listed HERE.

  • There will one space size available 10x10. 

  • 10x10 spaces are allowed to bring White canopy or forest green umbrella. Each artist must supply their own 10'x10' white tent, and or forest green umbrellas. 

  • All canopies must be weight and secured. 

  • Overnight security is provided for those selling two days in a row. So complete tear down is not needed. However, items for sale must be taken with you. If you want to leave tables please ensure your canopy is wrapped all the way around with white canopy walls. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Limited white canopies and umbrellas rentals will be available.

  • Limit one artist per space. For artist collaborations, only one space is provided.  

  • Each space must be kept clean and in good shape by the artist using it.

  • Each artist selected for a table space must provide their own table, chair and display items.

  • Each artist must bring his or her own tables, displays, such as easels, tables, pedestals, etc.

Fee and Deadlines

  • Registration Fee. Vendor applications are accepted throughout the year and will be eligible for that year’s events only if space is available. 

Early Bird Registration(April-Oct): $25.00

Tier 1 Registration(Nov-Jan): $35.00

Late Owl Registration(Feb-Mar): $25.00

  • Once registration is approved, online access will be provided to select dates you would like to participate, so long as space is still available. In the past, weekends have sold out two weeks to am month in advance.

  • Selling spaces are seperated into categories. Jewelry category sells out this quickest. 

  • Regular weekends spaces are priced at $35.00-65.00 per day depending on category.

  • Please note, Saturdays cost more then Sundays. 

  • Holidays and special event pricing is listed $55.00-$85.00 per a day. To see what weekends are special event weekends please click HERE.

  • Selling days are sold on a first come first serve basis.

  • Jewelry spaces and holiday weekends sell out quickly.

  • To keep market diverse and ever changing certain categories are are limited to 2 Saturdays a month. Sundays are not limited. Selling days become available August 1st.

  • Waitlist is provided for those who want to sign up for a sold out weekend. Or would want to participate for more then two Saturdays a month. Waitlist vendors are notified one week prior to weekend and payment is taken immediately. 

  • Approved applicants can start selecting days online once approved for program. So long as they are available. 

  • Refunds and Credits: There are no refunds or credit unless the entire Market is closed for the day.

  • Announcements and further information will be emailed in Vendor Welcome Packets. 

  • Each artist is responsible to obtaining required business license from SRPMIC. SRPMIC gives the option of purchasing a year long permit or a single special events permit for the weekend. Please click HERE to obtain permit. 

  • Each artist is responsible for obtaining their own insurance, if needed. 

  • Further Details will be provided in your welcome packet.



  1.  To Apply today Click green button or HERE.  To Download PDF Registration Form click here. 

  2. Don't forget to pay your jury fee after submitting your application.

  3. approval process takes 3-5 business days. 

  4. Approved artist will Receive welcome letter and logins to online portal. 

  5. select and pay for days you want to participate. if you have your logins, you can also click here to find vendor portal.

  6. be nice to volunteers.