Native Art Market is dedicated to Native culture and empowerment. The west end of the market in our main tent we have live entertainment. All our performers are of Native American descent and explain the representation of their performance before demonstrating thier art. 

Jonah Littlesunday

Jonah Littlesunday was one of the first performers ever at Native Art Market. He is a world renowned flute player that now acts as our Master of Ceremonies. He spends the day playing the Navajo Flute, introducing artists and providing beautiful sound throughout the Market. He is currently on national tour. You can find Jonah playing the Navajo Flute every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. 

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Madeline Gishey

Madeline is our versatile women dancer. She was one of the first performers to offer her performances as a opputunity to improve the experience of the market. Madeline mastered both the Jingle Dance and Fancy Shawl. Her idea to provide live performances throughout the day has enhanced the market and provided another route to indigenous empowerment, for not just our artists but performers as well.

Joey "Chief Dancing Horse"

Chief Dancinghorse is a champion dancer from Saskatchewan, Canada. He has performed at the opening ceremony for the Olympics. And now provides traditional dancing and live drum and singing performances for the Native Art Market. His duo performance includes his protege and adopted son Brennan Morningchild.

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Brennan Morningchild

Brennan Morningchild partners with Cheif Dancinghorse in performances and live drums and singing. Both from the First Nations, he is a 23 year old grass dancer who brings a young spirit with Chief Dancinghorse by his side.

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Jorge Gonzales

Jorge Gonzalez, also named, Mr. Scottsdale at Scottsdale Community College is a hoop dancer from the SRPMIC local community. His positive energy and beautiful dances provide the market with a unique demonstration you can rely on seeing every weekend.

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Redhawk Fancy

Mr. Redhawk Fancy demonstrates the Men's fancy dance. Men's fancy dance is flashy, colorful and highly energetic. It requires strength and stamina and is usually performed by younger men and boys. The drum can play a medium war beat, a ruffle, crow hop, and a fast beat. It is always expected that a fancy dancer should do a pose at each end of the beat

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Neon Nativez

Neon Nativez is an up and coming Electronic DJ whose unique sounds mixes the old with the new. His music takes traditional Native sounds and songs and mixes it with an electronic twist. His monthly visits to the Market bring a fun and energetic energy. Our dancers have joined in during his set to make his performance one of a kind. Watch as pow wow dancers move to modern electronic music.

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Red Mountain Performance Group

Red Mountain Performance Group is a family from the SRPMIC (Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community). They perform a rare explanation and demonstration of the basket dance. The father does his own singing and drumming while their daughter and son do different styles of dances from the SRPMIC. These newer performers offer a unique demonstration of the local tribe. (Native Art Market is hosted by on SRPMIC land).

One Way Sky

One Way Sky is an Alternative Rock band consisting of four band members from SRPMIC nation. Band Members include Adrian D Thomas, Cody Steven Bruguier, Lomakoyva, Lee Manual. Find them rocking out with us on Special Events weekends!

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Jay Begaye

Jay Begaye is grammy nominated and provides drumbeats, singing and storytelling. His traditionals stories, beliefs and teachings of being a family man provides a warm hearted performance that will bring tears to your eyes. 

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Native Art Market is not for profit project. Here is a list of awesome people who dedicate thier time and efforts to creating the first year of Native Art Market 2018-2019.

Kya and Shanelle Todechine

Kya and Shanelle help with the information booth. They provide visitors with a information about the market. They encourage donations through the sales of Native inspired items sold at the Native Art Market booth. All proceeds go back into making the market bigger and better. 

Edwin Todechine (Volunteer)

Edwin Todechine has been selected as our the markets personal maintenence man. Providing us with transporation of all items need for the market before and after the market is finished. He spends alot of time helping at the information booth. Providing information and donations for the market. 

Michael Angelo (Volunteer)

Micheal Angelo helps us with setting up and tearing down market. He is also improving his customer service skills by participating in providing information about the market to visitors. 

Andrea Correa (Volunteer)

Andrea Correa is from the Navajo Nation and currently serves in the United States Air Force. She has stepped in to help with the the administration part of the program. She helps with vendor and artists organization, and customer service. You can find her hanging out at the info booth in her spare time on weekends. 

 Founders & Management

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Navajo Secrets 

Native Art Market is a Native American owned and operated family business. Denise and Heather are mom and daughter.

They are now in their fifth generation and thriving from the tourism industry. Denise and Heather make and sell their own jewelry, pottery and deal directly with tourists and locals throughout Grand Canyon, Sedona and Phoenix area. In 2012, Heather branded her family’s personal business Navajo Secrets to make it possible for clientele and artisans to find us easily in person or online. In 2018, Heather and Denise branded and created Native Art Market to make it possible for other clientele and artisans to find us easily in Phoenix Metropolitan area. Since then, our marketing strategies have expanded.  Navajo Secrets is still a nomadic business and relies on vending and art shows. However, our brand, knowledge, and resources, have made it possible to provide Native handcrafted items locally and worldwide.

Heather and Denise’s family have been selling Navajo jewelry for over 90 years (5 generations).

Native Art Market


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